Christmas in July - Silver Bells

Susan Omand hates Christmas. So she thought why wait until December when the weather is rotten, shops are crowded and kids are annoying when you can get the "joy" of Christmas all over and done with in July - also when the weather is rotten, the shops are crowded and the kids are annoying...

"Soon it will be Christmas Day"

So we come to the end of our Christmas in July week and, as the lyrics of David's song today imply, soon it will be time for people to start getting ready for "proper" Christmas as it seems to get earlier and earlier each year. Huge thanks to David Ames for being a talented git and playing all the songs for this week. You can find all David's Christmas in July songs here.

For the rest of us humbuggers, do Christmas in December only if you have to and we'll see you next July!

Here's Silver Bells...

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