Film - Kingsman: The Golden Circle

How do you make the Greatest Movie Promo Ever? You blot out the sun is how. The marketing team at Kingsman: The Golden Circle have a seriously big idea...

There's going to be a solar eclipse today... no seriously there is. It's only a partial eclipse for us here in the UK as 5-10% of the sun gets blanked out by the moon early this evening (woohoo) but it's going to be a lot bigger and darker in other parts of the world as you can see from the animation below (thanks to

The best time to see it (assuming no clouds) is between 7:30 and 8 pm in the UK although PLEASE DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN - instead you can make a solar eclipse viewer (aka a pinhole camera) if you don't have special solar eclipse glasses.

As usual the Americans will get the best of everything (and it will be the greatest eclipse obviously) because 14 states will get to witness a total eclipse as the sky goes totally dark mid morning, with the rest of the continent seeing a 50% partial eclipse, however the nice people at NASA are going to livestream it so that everyone can watch it.

And, as you watch it, remember that this eclipse is NOT a natural wonder (allegedly) it is the work of the marketing team at Kingsman. Here's the "proof".

Image - Youtube

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