Podcast - Cut the Music: Alabama, Forty Hour Week

Every Monday, kick off your commute with Cut the Music, as Cody Dearing & Ed Reed from Austin Texas get to the bottom of whether or not there's anything funny going on in some well known songs from the past. This week, is going to be A Forty Hour Week...

This anthem for the working man by the working man's country band from the 80's, Alabama.

Cody paints the page and Ed nerds out about production as they talk about a slightly more obscure song that tries too hard to be just what it is (with a sidetrack about how weird the US National Anthem is and how America the Beautiful isn't as old as you think)

Listen to this week's Cut The Music:

And here's the song they're talking about (listen for the hammer dink and revel in the unintentional comedy value of the mullets)

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