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Steve Taylor-Bryant discovers that his work isn't so bad after all as he reads Apocalypse Meh from King Bone Press...

Apocalypse Meh from the King Bone Press duo of Jon Westhoff, the writer and letterer, and artist Bobgar Ornelas is one of those strange books that I loved but I’m pretty sure it’s only because I’ve read the collected issues, I’m not sure single issues would have gripped my attention. It’s a fun and simple concept that reads more like you would expect a sitcom to play out than a comic and there’s a level of genius in that I’m sure.

Hell has come to Earth but our boring, monotonous lives go on. Jim is pretty much a pushover, too scared to accomplish much and yet finds himself as the boss of his office department. Then there is Brad who is anti demon and quite racist towards the beings from the afterlife, and Randy who can think of nothing more than sexual relations with them. There’s Lillian, the woman who Jim likes but is too scared to talk to, and also Esteban, a ponytailed demon office worker.

Demon or human these characters are funny sitcom tropes that in print somehow just work and entertain. There’s large parts of the book without dialogue so it’s down to the way Jim and the rest are drawn to entertain the reader and entertainment is what I got. The book appears to have been many years in the making and the art, a little rough at the start seems to tighten as the story goes on as does the storyline and what you end up with is something that may not look like a conventional comic but is hilarious to read.

I thoroughly enjoyed Apocalypse Meh and am so glad I found the complete volume on my Comichaus app as single issue releases would have led to me giving up on the project I think. Well worth a few minutes of your time to enjoy with maybe your morning coffee.

Image - King Bone Press

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