Comic - Papercuts & Inkstains Issue 7

It's beginning to look a lot like... Valentine's Day? Madius Comics explain why their Valentines Special, Issue 7 of Papercuts and Inkstains, is coming to Comichaus App on Christmas Eve...

[Editor's Note - the management accept no responsibility for th... Huh? what the... OI! Who let you lot in? STEVE! What did I say about not leaving the Fire Door open when you went for a smoke? Any crackpot comic creators could just walk in and... Hey... Hey wait... Nonono, you can't be in here... You can't... GET OUT... AAAAAH......... *scuffling noises* *a drawer slams*]

"The holiday season is upon us.

Your maison hosts an evergreen.

You’re ding donging merrily on high.

Your slippers are warm and comforting.

You lift your hot chocolate to your lips to discuss what a wonderful year it’s been.

When suddenly…




You thought it was over, but GUESS AGAIN!

They are BACK!

Flying down your chimney with the perpetual grace of a stunned penguin those Madius Comics scamps are here to bring you a festive treat.

That’s right, it’s...


42 all new pages of laughs, shocks, surprises and LOVE!

Wait, what?

You heard me right. Madius Comics has decided to keep things as illogical as ever and took it upon themselves to launch a Valentine’s Special in December. Hey, why not, eh?

Contained within this Cupidean package is 5 brand new tales to shock and amaze!

First up, from the mind of Rob Jones and the ink of Dan Charnley is a punky coming of age romance between a young musician and his devoted girlfriend. A story to remind us all that life is short and that true love lasts forever. It’s BLOKHEADS!

Following that grounded tale of love and loss we blast away into the far reaches of space with a haunting sci-fi tale that covers what happens next. What happens after humans finally finish off this planet we call home and we’re all forced to find a plan B. A new home. This story of finding hope even after it appears all hope is gone. From the minds of Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones with stunning artwork from longtime Madius star Rosie Packwood. You’re going to love LONELY ROBOT!

Then, next up, blasting out the gate is a bonkers story about robots, gatling guns, character stereotypes and shoddily executed plans. Or, at least that’s what this story seems to be about? Peel back the bombastic veneer and find out what matters most about stories. Family, togetherness and love. From the minds of Michael Sambrook and Rob Jones and the pen of David Broughton it’s TIME DOESN’T MATTER HERE!

Next up, we blast back into space for a beautiful story about legacy. The Gas N’ Gulp is a longtime bastion of neutrality out there in the stars. A refuelling station for all travellers no matter their affiliation. When the longtime owner of the station passes away we follow what happens to the vacuum he leaves behind. From the mind of Rob Jones and with artwork from James Gibbs, it’s GAS N’ GULP!

Then, it wouldn’t be Christmas without them (wait, what has Christmas got do with them?) it’s THE PROFITS OF DOOM! Hide your kittens! Uh oh, things are getting serious for everyone’s favourite hooded plonkers. They are about to charge into the tower. Every road has led up to here. So, now what? I guess they should probably come up with a plan. Read along as they try to do exactly that. It’s not pretty. But hey, what did you expect? From the minds of Rob Jones and Michael Sambrook and with artwork from ever brilliant Mike Smith, it’s, well, we’ve already told you, THE PROFITS OF DOOM!

And it wouldn’t be a comic without a cover so a special shout out to the stunning blind date inspired piece from Russ Leach and Riley Jones that adorns this festive package of love.

So, mark your calendars, the issue lands on CHRISTMAS EVE exclusively on the COMICHAUS APP!

So make sure to get that app downloaded TODAY! The wonderful folks at COMICHAUS are offering free trials so if you aren’t sure, hey, give it a go. What do you have to lose?

Also stuffed within the chambers of COMICHAUS is around 500 other pages of MADIUS COMICS brilliance for you to check out covering almost everything they’ve ever released. This includes every issue of PAPERCUTS & INKSTAINS released up till now collected in the massive PAPERBACKS & INKSTAINS volume 1. So, if you’re brand new, that’s the best place to start!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Stay safe out there!"


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Image - Madius Comics

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