Film - Tokyo Ghoul

Discover a terrifying new world on our doorstep with a gripping, gory horror based on the best-selling manga comic, as the live action version of Tokyo Ghoul comes to cinemas for one night only on 31st January...

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Quiet and bookish, Ken Kaneki (Masataka Kubota) was all but dead to a world living in fear of “Ghouls”: creatures who not only share our skin, but crave its taste. When a nightmarish encounter leaves him a human-ghoul hybrid however, Ken finds himself taken under the wing of those he once considered monsters and fighting to protect them from a vengeful hunger that will leave him asking what it truly means to be inhuman.

With story and art by Sui Ishida, the dark fantasy manga was serialised in Japan’s Weekly Young Jump magazine between 2011 and 2014, with the sequel series “Tokyo Ghoul: re” starting later that year. “Tokyo Ghoul” was the fourth highest selling manga during the year of its conclusion and the two series have a combined 30 million copies in print. In 2014, a television anime series produced by Pierrot of “Naruto” fame was broadcast, with a second titled “Tokyo Ghoul √A” following the year after. An adaptation of “Tokyo Ghoul:re” has been announced for broadcast in 2018.

This new live action film, the first directed by Kentarô Hagiwara and with music by The Matrix composer Don Davies, stars Death Note's Masataka Kubota, Fumika Shimizu, Yū Aoi, Noboyuki Suzuki and Yo Oizumi and will be shown in the original Japanese with English subtitles. Watch the new trailer

Tokyo Ghoul heads for select cinemas in the UK on January 31st. Visit AllTheAnime website to find out more and book tickets.
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