SotD - Bowie Week: Loving the Alien

Seventy one years ago this week, David Robert Jones came into this world. Two years ago this week, David Bowie left this world behind. This week on AlbieMedia we look back at his unique legacy of creativity, individuality and, of course, music...

"Believing the strangest things, Loving the Alien"

There are many many articles expounding on the theories of what this song is about, all deep and meaningful, full of rhetoric and open to interpretation. Much like the religious texts that apparently inspired it.

"My father encouraged me to become interested in other religions. It’s extraordinary considering all the mistranslations in the Bible that our lives are being navigated by this misinformation, and that so many people have died because of it. That’s how the song started out: for some reason, I was very angry…" Bowie in an interview for Rolling Stone magazine 1984

Image - film still
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