Film - Youth

Feng Xiaogang’s award-winning film Youth will be available on Digital and dual format Blu-ray/DVD for the very first time anywhere in the world in May, thanks to Cine Asia. Watch the trailer...

When Xiaoping joins the military, delicate dreams are dashed by the events of China undergoing a revolution. The devastating Sino-Vietnamese War crashes into 1970s China, changing the lives of the Army’s young recruits forever. In this epic spanning several decades, Youth shows Comrades of the People’s Liberation Army fight amongst themselves as much as on the battlefield – and cause as much damage as the War that tore their lives apart.

Sweeping several awards at major festivals including ‘Best Film’ at the Asian Film Awards, Youth is the latest critically acclaimed, record-breaking epic from master filmmaker Feng Xiaogang (The Banquet, Assembly).

Youth is released on Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) and Digital Download from 7th May 2018.

Image - Cine Asia

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