Vinyl SotD - Nia Wyn

Neil Gardner is a bit of an audio guru, being the brains behind an award winning spoken word production company. But sometimes he likes to retreat from the digital studio to listen to some music analogue style, on vinyl. This time he goes for the Wyn. Nia Wyn that is...

Format: 7″ Black Vinyl

Side A: DO YOU LOVE ENOUGH – A dark and dusky, sultry slow jazz shuffle suffused with gorgeous female vocals. Engaging and insightful lyrics propel you into a seedy dive bar, shadows encroaching as you are drawn inexorably into the story being spun by the singer. All that, and some lovely oooh aaahs!

Side B: HELP ME – We’ve moved down the street to a smokey blues club. A deeply soulful song featuring characterful and powerful falsetto vocals. A bit blues, a smidge bluegrass, with a soupcon of hip hop/house rhythm section. Real life stuffed in a slow-jam package.

Finyl Thought: Fedora hats and whiskey chasers – the singer in this dive bar is something stunningly special.

Info: Nia Wyn (Twitter) / Flying Vinyl

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