Today at the Proms - Prom 18

Continuing our daily coverage of what's on at The Proms 2018, Susan Omand has a quick look at the programme for Prom 18: Currentzis Conducts Beethoven ...

A couple of Beethoven barn-stormers tonight, with a bit of a twist. They're being performed by an ensemble called MusicAeterna, all of whom play period instruments, led by the maverick conductor Teodor Currentzis, a man intent on tearing up the classical music scene with his passionate interpretations of classical works.

Beethoven's 2nd (not to be confused with the canine caper film of the same name) got, shall we say, mixed reviews when first performed in 1803 with one critic calling it "a hideously writhing, wounded dragon that refuses to die, but writhing in its last agonies and, in the fourth movement, bleeding to death." Quite.

And Beethoven's 5th is... well... that one that goes like this. Kinda.

Here's the full programme for this evening's Prom which you can listen to live from 19:30 on Radio 3 or on the iPlayer

Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No 2 in D major(32 mins)


Ludwig van Beethoven

Symphony No 5 in C minor(31 mins)

Image - Photo © Chris Christodoulou

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