Podcast - Was This Always Weird: Porky's

With some NSFW language, Cody Dearing and Matt Stoner from Austin, Texas break down the hilarious, upsetting and unusual things about a popular movie from the past. This time it gets even more totally inappropriate as they watch Porky's ...

Described by the WTAW guys as "the timeless story of a selfish teenagers, abusive parents, and decorative female characters" I think we can agree with them that this one fails the Bechdel test with flying colours!

In other news, with the announcement this week that the WTAW podcasts are shifting to a fortnightly new release schedule temporarily, we're going to start looking back at some of the early episodes you may have missed out on first time round in the alternating weeks.

In other other news, which you'll hear more about in the podcast, you can support Cody's own comedy web-series kickstarter at http://kck.st/2MayGvV

Find more WTAW Weirdness at their website at http://wasthisalwaysweird.libsyn.com/

Image - WTAW/IMDb

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