30-Day Song Challenge - Day 4

Yet again, social media has a lot to answer for as Susan Omand and Steve Taylor-Bryant take up the 30-Day Song Challenge. Day 4's theme is A SONG THAT REMINDS YOU OF SOMEONE YOU'D RATHER FORGET...

Susan says: There's 30 days in the 30-Day Song Challenge (hence the name I guess), so that's 30 different themes that each needed a song choice to go with them and it's taken a lot of consideration. Our lists were compiled separately and for some days our song choices are vastly different, on other days scarily similar, but we never both chose the same song for the same theme (although some songs will crop up more than once!)  Oh, and isn't it handy that there's also 30 days in September? It's almost like we planned it...

Find the rest of the challenge choices so far here.

STEVE'S PICK - The Way I Am by Eminem

SUSAN'S PICK - Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams

Join in and let us know what your pick would be on Twitter or Facebook.

Image - Facebook (thanks David Ames for the inspiration)
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