The Silver Lining - Batman & Robin (1997)

Fed up with all the bad things going on, the Defective Inspector has decided to seek out the good in everything. Even really, really bad films. This time our caped crusader looks for the Silver Lining in Batman & Robin (1997)...

The movie that killed a revival, Batman and Robin showed us way too many leather nipples, ice puns and atrocious acting. While George Clooney can make almost anything enjoyable, even he failed to breathe air into this overtly camp embarrassment. There are a lot of reasons why this film failed, most famously due to the heavy dose of family friendly entertainment later dropped in the revival, but it is without a doubt, bad. Hell, even Schumacher agreed it was a dumpster fire! So why talk about it? The BossMan (Steve) recommended it for the Silver Lining thing I am trying to establish. I kinda wish he was kinder to me BUT I did say every cloud had one. So lemme just…. Rewatch the movie -sigh-.

Uma Thurman

Much like TMNT there is always one good actor even in the worst movies and this time it’s Uma Thurman. While I found a few lines pretty difficult to stomach that was more script than Thurman. It’s important to remember that Poison Ivy was designed to be a femme fatale for the sake of the environment. Even when the movie desperately tried to remain family friendly, Uma was able to insinuate raw sexuality without resorting to low grade innuendos. She even looked attractive when wearing a giant Gorilla suit, pre-mask removal, that is a skill!

Freeze’s Motive

It’s hard to remember this, but the motive of the villain was legit. While I loved Uma playing Poison Ivy, her background motives are a bit vague (nature better than humanity, lots of loose ends there) while Mr Freeze has an excellent motive. Even in defeat, he is distraught over his failure because his wife will perish and for all the wrong he has done, all the physical abnormalities he’s endured, it all falls to dust once the Bat Gang spoils his plan. What really hits home for me is the scene I used for the picture, his desperate attempts to cling onto his decaying wife by sculpting a figurine from ice. I find that genuinely touching.

Gotham City

I didn’t realise this until re-watching it, but I loved Gotham City. The giant statues and over reaching aqueducts are a little underplayed in terms of footage but frankly would be awesome in a city. Yes it’s a little unrealistic but it’s a cool idea to have goliath monuments speckled around a city likely aware of Super Heroes across DC Universe. It wouldn’t surprise me if THAT guy right there is Superman. May not be his city but he’s saved the world enough times to be recognised.

Arnie’s Crazy Eyes

MY GOD THEY ARE GLORIOUS. I’m not even sure why I love it but damn, he can do some crazy ass eyes. The scene I used is only one example, here have another!

THAT was tough, but I enjoy it. A movie nominated for almost every wooden spoon award did have some good points. See? It’s not ALL bad just… A lot bad. If you have any recommendations, I encourage you share them. I love a challenge.

Images from IMDB

One image screenshotted from my own copy of the movie. Shut up, I was young once…

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