Podcast - And Why Not? Battle Creek Brawl

Every episode, our podcasting Barry Norman, aka Stuart Mulrain, lets a guest choose a film to discuss, reminisce over and share why they love it. This week, he takes his shoes and socks off and has a martial arts Battle Creek Brawl with guest Tony Esmond...

Are you a Chan Fan? With many movie-related side-tracks, film recommendations and (we assume) a lot of comedy arm-waving without a punch being properly thrown, Stuart talks with Tony Esmond about Jackie Chan's first American made movie.

From Stuart's Production Notes
Among the things you should check out after listening to this episode, is the awesome Lalo Schifrin Theme Tune to the film and Jackie Chan on TisWas.

Tony's Further Viewing Recommendations: Drunken Master, The Clones Of Bruce Lee, Wheels On Meals, Project A, Armour Of God, Police Story, Island Of Fire & Dragon Lord.

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Title music - Storytelling Man by Ruth's Curtain

Image - Stuart Mulrain/IMDb
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