#NotBaconBits - From Jinjer to...

Yesterday we played Pisces by Jinjer. So what song was chosen for today's #NotBaconBits connection? You can thank @WolfPaw36 for this one ...

As always for #NotBaconBits, once you've listened to today's choice, we're looking for your suggestions for tomorrow's track. Join in by tweeting us @albiemediaAM with the #NotBaconBits hashtag or adding your suggestions in the comments of our #NotBaconBits Facebook posts - remember the link can be as simple or contrived as you want, in any music genre (it doesn't have to be classical or pop) and you can link to anything about the song - the title, the artist, words in the song, something about the video ... anything as long as you can explain how you got there and show your workings. If we pick your suggestion for the link, you'll get the credit in that day's article and shout outs on our social networking streams.

To be honest, with yesterday being a Sunday we weren't really expecting much for a #NotBaconBits connection and feared that we may have to go with @OmandOriginal's choice of a song by Marillion (Pisces? Fish? Yeah, we groaned and threw stuff at her too - Ed), however @WolfPaw36 rode to our rescue on Twitter with this absolute stormer of a connection, which works on ever so many levels. AND IT RHYMES!

In the wintry wastes beyond the wall, 

All drink a vibrant orange brew 

To keep their locks well coloured 

While listening to a psychedelic crew.

So today's #NotBaconBits track is from Cream (featuring, of course, Ginger Baker) with Strange Brew from their album Disraeli Gears...

So now it's your turn. What will you link to for tomorrow's song? The band members? The album title? The lyrics?  Something else? The choice is yours, as long as you can show your working and tell us how you get there!

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