OotD (Overture of the Day) - The Marriage of Figaro

Mozart's overture to The Marriage of Figaro as you've (probably) never heard it before, thanks to the English National Opera...

So, two pianos, in two separate houses, played in isolation by Chris Hopkins and Andrew Smith of the ENO Music Department to concoct this wonderful version of the overture to The Marriage of Figaro. Listen carefully, they're not both playing the same thing at the same time, it's done as a duet with each person playing a different part without hearing the other. That's what's so impressive.

Things to watch out for in this video, as well as listening to the stunning music, are the diminutive conductor, a very impressive rack and some slightly over-enthusiastic page turning.

Image - ENO The Marriage of Figaro 2020, Hanna Hipp, ENO Chorus © Mark Brenner

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