SotD - The Scribes

The Scribes are back with their new EP titled The Totem Trilogy Part 1. Listen to Mighty Mighty...

Way back in the mists of last July we featured The Scribes' first album Quill Equipped Villainy (read Susan's review of that here). Well, now the Bristol-based hip-hoppers are back with more new music to brighten the dull lockdown days.

The Totem Trilogy Part 1 is the first of a 3 EP series, and is a project made in collaboration with Chicago raised producer Astro Snare covering a wide range of influences and styles across the 5 tracks. The EP showcases the Oxford based producer’s trademark electrofunk sound, with the tracks Rock This Part 2, Keep Bouncing and I’m Back guaranteed to get hip hop heads nodding and crowds moving. With a change of pace in the reggae-tinted brass and subs of Mighty Mighty and the plaintive piano and soaring strings of Heart Breaks, the EP provides "a compelling and complex soundscape for the listener to escape into."

Their latest track is, indeed, Mighty Mighty, with a video which was produced entirely in isolation by Wild Child Studios and depicts the contrasting scenes and stories from mainland China to Hong Kong during the recent riots.

Cover Art - Chris Malbon

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