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Winner of the Dramatic Feature audience prize at Sundance 2018, Burden comes to DVD & Digital HD next month thanks to Signature Entertainment...

From producer Robbie Brenner (Dallas Buyers Club), Burden is the shocking and thought-provoking true story of South Carolina Klansman Mike Burden.

When a museum celebrating the Ku Klux Klan opens in a small South Carolina town, the idealistic Reverend Kennedy (Forest Whitaker) resolves to do everything in his power to prevent racial tensions boiling over. But the members of Kennedy's congregation are shocked to discover that his plan includes sheltering Mike Burden (Garrett Hedlund), a Klansman whose relationships with both a single-mother and a high-school friend force him to re-examine his long-held beliefs.

After Kennedy helps Mike leave behind his violent past, the pair find themselves on a collision course with manipulative KKK leader Tom Griffin (Tom Wilkinson).

Written and directed by actor Andrew Heckler, Burden stars Garrett Hedlund, Forest Whitaker, Tom Wilkinson, Andrea Riseborough and features Usher Raymond.

Signature Entertainment presents Burden on DVD & Digital HD from July 6th

Image - Signature Entertainment

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