Short Film - Egg

With lots of films and shorts available to watch online this week at the We Are One Global Film Festival, Steve Taylor-Bryant got cracking and watched Egg...

Curated by the Tribeca Film Festival Michael J. Goldberg’s film is the story of an egg from the chicken to the plate. Except it's not that at all, it is a homage to every good action film, love story, escape movie, road movie, and psychological thriller ever made… but with an egg as the main character.

The film starts with Jeff (Alex Anfanger) on a horrific date with Alana (Leah Henoch) who is a very chatty yet boring date, which is leaving Jeff frustrated as he just wants her to shut up and eat her eggs. As his frustration is boiling over, in his head he starts to imagine the journey that the egg on Alana’s fork went through to arrive at its destination; a journey involving gangsters, a massacre with machine guns, false identities, jobs on the road, and eventually a love story before the gangster finally catches up with the egg in his happiness as a married egg with an expectant wife. And the gangster is a café owner, and there was no egg because it was a salad, and was Alana the egg?

Egg is a brilliant tribute to modern American cinema in which each different scene or segment is accompanied by an over the top rendition of that particular genre’s music, and it is hilarious throughout. It is incredibly witty and the joke should really wear thin before the 11 minute run time is up but it is to his credit that writer/director Michael J. Goldberg keeps the scenes fresh (hee hee) and the yolk (I am loving this) never gets stale (HA! STALE EGGS). The acting is the perfect balance of taking the genres seriously but doing it tongue in cheek to allow the comedy to flow and, come the end where in big colourful letters reminiscent of Back To The Futures logo, it proudly states that Egg Will Return I am left hoping that Egg does in fact return and the message wasn’t just another use of American cinema tribute.

This is a very funny film, weird in its concept and on paper it should not work, but it is a sublime effort to tell a story and pay homage in a way that I think only its creator could. Playing as part of the We Are One Global Film Festival I urge you to give Egg a watch. It will scramble (sorry, not sorry) your brain.

Watch the whole short film on the We Are One YouTube channel until 7th June HERE.

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Image - We Are One
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