SDCC@Home - Day 1

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SDCC@Home starts online today. Every day of the Comic-con, Susan Omand will share her pick of events she's looking forward to, before they happen. Here's Day 1...

With the global pandemic still being a thing, San Diego Comic-con has had to go online this year, same as everything else. So that means we mere mortals who never get to go to it usually, get a chance to access some of the online panels, Q&A's and other exciting stuff without having to wait in line for ages and ages and ages and ages and [yes, we get it - Ed] or, ya know, going to San Diego or anything. 

Day 1 is a short day, starting at 3pm PDT (PDT is Pacific Daylight Time), so that's 11 pm UK BST but don't panic because a lot of the online events will be available for a while after they first run on YouTube so you don't have to miss too much sleep.

Events that caught my eye for today (use the links below to find and watch the events) are:

GeekED: Re-storied: Re-imagining creative privilege

History is a story told by the victors: until it's not. The story landscape is changing. There is more space in the narrative world for stories both by and about people with diverse experiences. Join our lively panel debate to see how that re-storying is emerging; in academic institutions, in live performance, in digital experiences, and in a proliferation of creative tools that empower people to tell their stories.

This looks fascinating and, with the panel including members from the Royal Shakespeare Company and Epic Games as well as academics and industry people, it should be a broad ranging debate.

GeekEd: Watchmen and the Cruelty of Masks

HBO's Watchmen put forth the idea that "masks make one cruel". On college campuses, many people, both students and non-students have taken up virtual masks to make statements and take actions that would not be acceptable if done in public. Zoom bombing, doxing, and anonymous threats have caused much dismay, particularly as campuses move to remote learning due to COVID-19. Come hear what educators have to say about the power of masks and how Watchmen and other comics show us a path towards heroism or villainy.

This feels so very relevant in a time of everyone (OK, nearly everyone) wearing physical masks that I'm interested to hear what they have to say about the use of virtual masks.

Conspiracy Theories and Propaganda Throughout Pop Culture

J. D. Lombardi (host/producer, YouTube's Lombardi Labs and middle-school science teacher, Glendale Unified) along with Justin Montgomery (, Guadalupe De La O (STEM teacher/science instructional coach, Alliance Schools), and G. L. Lambert (screenwriter, G.L. Lambert Explains It All podcast) will trace conspiracies and propaganda throughout comics, shows, and movies, and how they correlate to the current climate of increased conspiracy theories. Teaching science literacy, in and out of the classroom, is more crucial now than ever in combating misinformation, especially related to our current pandemic.

Oh come on, who doesn't enjoy a good conspiracy theory? It'll also be interesting to see what the science says without all the fake news around it.

Intro and AMA with Wyvern Gaming Stargate RPG

The creators of Wyvern Gaming & the upcoming Stargate SG-1 RPG are ready for your questions! Come join us as we talk franchise, the game, and exciting D&D play in the Stargate Universe!

A Stargate SG-1 RPG is incoming? Consider my chevrons locked to this one.

These are just my choices though, if you don't fancy these, you'll find a lot more on offer as Comic-Con@Home 2020 will feature over 350 separate panels spread out over all five days of the event. There will be something for everyone! You can find the schedule for all of SDCC@Home here or here. Also remember to Print off your badge here (for you AND your pets!) and download your FREE souvenir book here. Oh, and remember to visit the virtual Exhibitors' Hall too where you’ll find company listings, exclusive products for sale, promotional links, and a whole lot more. The Exhibit Hall will be available for all five days of the convention.

Here’s how SDCC@HOME works:

The majority of our panels will also be available AFTER the July 22-26 dates, although there are some that may have a limited time period attached to them. Each panel will contain a link; when you click on that link, you’ll launch another page that has the panel video embedded on it … that video will be available on the date and time listed. When it’s available, simply push play and watch! It’s that simple.

All the panels will also be available on the Comic-Con YouTube channel, so you can also access them there. Subscribe on at
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