Cast featuring Snoop Dogg and Team America puppet
With possibly far too many exclamation marks, but a cast list to justify it, the sci-fi spoof UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! gets a digital release this weekend. Watch the trailer...

Press Release

Snoop Dogg, Michael Madsen, Robert Davi, Gilbert Gottfried and more than 40 iconic Star Trek figures – including Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang and Tim Russ, are beaming to Amazon Premiere Video on Demand this weekend in the sci-fi spoof, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!. 

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! follows a frantic and outlandishly funny effort to save the Earth when plants invade the planet. Snoop Dogg stars as Major LeGrande Bushe, the invasion's mastermind, while a puppet named Kirk Stillwood (operated by the masters behind Team America) and an intrepid trio of heroes (played by Star Trek veterans Chase Masterson, Garrett Wang and Tim Russ) race to the rescue. 

Among the additional familiar Star Trek actors in the film are Nana Visitor, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park, Armin Shimerman, Dina Meyer, Robert Picardo, Menina Fortunato, John Billingsley, Julie Warner, Dominic Keating, Connor Trinneer, Gary Graham, Beverly Washburn, Casey Biggs, Mckenzie Westmore and Christopher Doohan, as well as the late Celeste Yarnall and Jack Donner. Gerald Fried, the last living composer from Star Trek: The Original Series, created and led the recording of the UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! original score.

Eight years in the making, UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! is written and directed by Steven L. Fawcette, and produced by Angelique Fawcette through their production company, Archangel Films LA. The distributor is Indie Rights Movies.

Image - Archangel Films LA
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