Film - The Doorman

Ruby Rose and Jean Reno on a yellow background - DVD cover

Be careful who you trust. Watch the trailer for The Doorman, starring Jean Reno and Ruby Rose...

Press Release

In Ryuhei Kitamura’s The Doorman, acting legend Jean Reno is a ruthless criminal who squares off against hard-hitting Ruby Rose in a fast-paced and punishing action thriller.

Following an assignment gone wrong, traumatized ex-Marine Ali (Ruby Rose) takes a job as the doorman in a luxury New York City high-rise where her estranged family live. However, she’s soon called back into action in order to outsmart and battle a group of art thieves and their ruthless leader (Jean Reno) while struggling to protect her loved ones.

Growing increasingly desperate, the criminal gang turns ever more violent and the doorman is forced to call upon her deadly fighting skills as she heads towards an explosive showdown…

Directed by cult favourite Ryuhei Kitamura, the film comes to Digital Download on 18th January and DVD from 25th January 2021 thanks to Lionsgate UK.

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