#NotBaconBits - from The Blues Brothers to...

Yesterday we played The Blues Brothers. So what song was chosen for today's connection? You can thank @SpudsMillennial for the final song in this run of #NotBaconBits...

Yes it's the last day of January and the last day [for now - Ed] of #NotBaconBits so we're NOT looking for your connection suggestions for tomorrow, just enjoy the song.

We started this run two weeks ago with Blue Monday by New Order ...

which linked to (I'm Not Your) Stepping Stone by the Monkeeswhich linked to I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight by Bob Dylan
which linked to Eloise by The Associates
which linked to The End by The Doors
which linked to Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits AND The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne
which linked to yesterday's song of Rawhide and Stand By Your Man by The Blues Brothers
which links to... what?

Well, @Ferryjer wanted to hear the not so blue Misty Oldland sing about A Fair Affair(Je T’aime) whereas @JimJamGin suggested the theme to Every Which Way But Loose by Eddie Rabbitt. However, it's to @SpudsMillennial we turn for a very appropriate song to end on for now. He suggested:

Belushi's Joe Cocker impression on SNL is legendary, but how about jumping to the legend himself. Uplifting, unifying, and all soul. #IStillLoveYouWinnieCooper

With a Little Help From My Friends.

And we also only got #NotBaconBits connected with a lot of help from our friends! So we'd like to thank all our AlbieMedia friends old and new who took part in this run of #NotBaconBits. There have been some great song choices, classics remembered and new music discovered. We promise we'll do it all again soon!

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