Audiodrama - Screaming Queens!

Painted portraits of Kenneth Williams and Fenella Fielding

Frying tonight! AUK Studios and Spiteful Puppet present the full cast audiodrama Screaming Queens! offering a re-imagined glimpse of the turbulent friendship of Kenneth Williams and Fenella Fielding...

“So, while the great plague of 1606 informed and enabled William Shakespeare to go to his deepest depth in King Lear, the New Year lockdown of 2021 did the same for me. The result - ‘Screaming Queens!’: a jolly sparring session in three acts. Place your bets…” -Robert Ross 

They appeared together as the starring leads in the iconic Carry On Screaming! film. But off-screen, comedy legends Kenneth Williams and actress Fenella Fielding had a love/hate relationship lasting over several decades. An AUK Studios production in association with Spiteful Puppet present Screaming Queens! a full-cast audio drama from the mind of acclaimed comedy historian, Robert Ross. Screaming Queens opens a door into the behind the scenes of the classic 1966 Carry On film and the lives of Williams and Fielding. Ross takes us through the ages; from the duo’s hit West-End show Pieces of Eight to their best-loved Carry On film that spoofed Hammer Horror’s film franchise. All before finishing with a touching meeting in the final year of Kenneth’s life, a conversation where they debated their legacy and what it means to them. 

Screaming Queens is an 80 minute long, thrilling audio drama that surrounds never-before heard stories about the lives of the two Carry On icons and answers our what-if questions by providing an insight into our Carry On fantasy world. With a complicated snapshot into two of Britain’s best-loved comedy veterans, who had a unique and bitchy friendship, you’re transported to London’s West End and the Carry On film franchise film sets with Robert Ross’ intriguing storyline. 

Wink Taylor, who also played Marty Feldman in Jeepers Creepers and is best-known for Doctor Who: Lost in the Dark Dimension, voices Kenneth Williams. Wink said, “Kenneth is such a fascinatingly complex character, hilariously funny but undeniably serious, intellectual but vulgar, waspish but vulnerable.” 

Jessica Martin (Spitting Image, Jeepers Creepers, Doctor Who, Elf: The Musical) plays Fenella Fielding. On playing Fielding, Jessica said, “I loved watching ‘Carry On Screaming!’ as a child and the image of Fenella Fielding in that figure-hugging crimson dress and the unique voice that commanded attention must have contributed to my own ambition to be an actress.” 

 You can also expect a special appearance from the brilliant Jim Dale, who you will know of course from the original Carry On series. Screaming Queens is produced and directed by Barnaby Eaton-Jones, known for the audiobook Jeepers Creepers, the six-part series The Barren Author, Passport to Oblivion and Up Pompeii [and the occasional Barn-storming article for The DreamCage! - Ed]. 

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