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Titan Books announce the publication later this month of the debut novel by Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, Suburban Dicks...

Press Release

A fast-paced satire on modern American suburban life, Fabian Nicieza brings forth his trademark humour in his debut novel to create a highly original and gripping mystery that will keep readers guessing its secrets right to the very last page.

Andie Stern thought she’d solved her final homicide. Once a budding FBI profiler, she gave up her career to raise her four (soon to be five) children in West Windsor, New Jersey. But one day, between soccer games and trips to the local pool, Andie pulls into a gas station – and stumbles across a murder scene. An attendant has been killed, and the bumbling local cops are in way over their heads.

Suddenly, Andie is obsessed with the case, and back on the trail of a killer, this time with kids in tow.

She soon crosses paths with disgraced local journalist Kenny Lee, who also has everything to prove in solving the case. A string of unusual occurrences – and, eventually, body parts – surfaces around town, and Andie and Kenny uncover simmering racial tensions and a decades-old conspiracy.

FABIAN NICIEZA is a well known figure in the American comic book industry who co-created Deadpool and has written top-selling Marvel titles such as X-Men, X-Force, New Warriors, and Thunderbolts. He has provided intellectual property management and content development services to film and television, including Pirates of the Caribbean, Men in Black, Transformers, and James Cameron’s Avatar, among many other global franchises.

Suburban Dicks is Fabian’s first novel. A television development deal for the book has been signed and will be announced soon.

Suburban Dicks is published by Titan Books on 22nd June.

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