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Ghosts of the Future and Past album cover - black writing on a sepia photo of Gozer Goodspeed with guitar

Ahead of next week's release of Gozer Goodspeed's new album Ghosts of the Future & Past, Lights & Lines record label has released a lyric video for Gambler's Last Day...

Ghosts of the Future & Past, a retrospective and expansive collection of songs by Plymouth’s most distinctive and imaginative songwriter, recontextualises Gozer Goodspeed’s incredible back catalogue for listeners and introduces some brand new, never-before-released tracks at the same time. The opening track on the album is a remastered version of Gambler's Last Day, which first appeared on Gozer's self-published album Running With the Outliers. 

Of the lyric video, Gozer Goodspeed said on his Facebook page, "The video is very cool, and is based on the animated short film ' A Step Into the Real' by Martine Bou Younes. Having never produced a lyric video like this myself, I was pretty surprised and delighted when I was shown this for the first time!"

Mike at Lights & Lines added the comment on the lyric video itself that "Part of the remit of the label has always been to amplify the voice of creators everywhere. So it felt right for us to spend hours trawling through creative commons libraries to find a piece of art that was largely unknown, and give it a new life through the music."

Rumour has it, though, that there is an ulterior motive to the the video release... keep your eyes on Lights & Lines social media (Twitter, Facebook) for upcoming news of a very creative sounding competition! 

Ghosts of the Future & Past will be released on 30th July as a 4 panel, environmentally friendly CD Digipak and as a digital download via Bandcamp and you can pre-order the album NOW.


1. Gambler’s Last Day
2. Charlatans and Hypnotists (Previously unreleased)
3. Rattlebone Colour
4. Man with the Ruined Knee
5. Barrel Headlong Into the Night
6. What You Got Going On, Lewis?
7. When the Blue Man Met the Headshrinker
8. Impossible to Pick Up
9. Survivor By Habit
10. The Key Broke off Clean in the Lock
11. Running with the Outliers
12. Pumas and Neon Signs
13. King Point Marina
14. Rebuilt and Remade (Limited release only)
15. The Killjoy Bulletin (Ultra rare live bootleg)
16. Now’s Not The Time To Lay Low
17. Gambler’s Last Day (Chris Love Smoky Remix)

Credits: Guitars and vocals by Gozer Goodspeed, bass by Matthew Avery, drums by Mike Roberts, keyboards by Chris Love. Produced and recorded by Chris Love at Whistlewood Studios, Plymouth, 2019. Remastered by One Blind Mouse as part of the Lights And Lines collective - Cover design by Mike Five and Gozer Goodspeed.
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