Listen Again - Filmhouse Friday

Every Friday, Daniel White takes over the airwaves at the online radio station Incapable Staircase for 90 minutes of some of the best songs used in films, along with "occasionally interesting bits of information." Catch up with Friday's spooky Halloween show...

Here's the playlist:

Thriller [oh, obvious much? - Ed] - Michael Jackson - Yes, there was a Thriller film, directed by John Landis
Cry Little Sister - Gerard McMann - Lost Boys [nope, not seen it - Ed]
DreamWarriors - Dokken - Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (as if you didn't know)
Paint it Black [My favourite Stones song - Ed] - Strolling Rhones - Devil's Advocate
RREEEEEDDDD Right Hand (you've got to say it that way) - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Scream
School's Out - Alice Cooper - Scream too [no, not Scream 2 that's a different film - Ed]
I Got 5 On It [Dum da-dum dum - Ed] - Luniz & Michael Marshall - Us 
(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult [not Club - Ed] - (The quintessential essential Halloween film) Halloween
Dear God - XTC - It part one [Coulrophobes beware - Ed]
Rocky Mountain High - John Denver - Final Destination [finally - Ed]
Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus - The Silence of the Lambs [Hello, Clarice - Ed]
Bad Moon Rising [aaa-WOOOOOOOH! - Ed] - Creedence Clearwater Revival - American Werewolf in London
New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco - Jennifer's Body (dodgy dodgy dodgy)
Bite the Hand that Bleeds [don't try this at home - Ed] - Fear Factory - Saw 
Bloodline - Slayer - Dracula 2000 (terrible film, great soundtrack)
Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots - The Crow 
[the scariest song yet - Ed] We've Only Just Begun - Carpenters - 1408
(the aural palate cleansing) Save Me Tonight - White Sister - Fright Night
Midnight, The Stars and You - Al Bowlly - The Shining [and heeeeeee's gone-y - Ed]


iNCAPABLE STAiRCASE is an internet-based community station that is passionate about real radio; unrehearsed and raw, but it is precisely this that makes it so easy to listen to. The station has been running for just over a year and was set up by Bella and James at the start of the first Covid lockdown last year.

As news of the restrictions became public Bella and James decided to create an online radio station that would allow people to share their music, their opinions and their creativity in a space free from censorship and interference. In five minutes they had a name, randomly created by a word generator, and a logo. The heart of the station is you, it's me and its attraction is growing. With over 60 DJ's broadcasting each week, live from their own homes, and with plans for festivals and much more, now would be a great time to tune in. 2021 will prove that iNCAPABLE STAiRCASE is, in fact, very capable of stepping up and taking on the radio big names.


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