#NotBaconBits - From Audioslave to...

Yesterday we played Cochise by Audioslave. So what song was chosen for today's #NotBaconBits connection? You can thank @OmandOriginal and then tell us what track you'd connect to this one ...

As always for #NotBaconBits, once you've listened to today's choice, we're looking for your suggestions for tomorrow's track. Join in by tweeting us your suggestions @albiemediaAM with the #NotBaconBits hashtag or adding your suggestions in the comments of our #NotBaconBits Facebook posts - remember the link can be as simple or contrived as you want, in any music genre (it doesn't have to be classical or pop) and you can link to anything about the song - the title, the artist, words in the song, something about the video ... anything as long as you can explain how you got there and show your workings. If we pick your suggestion for the next song link in the chain, you'll get the credit in that day's article and shout outs on our social networking streams.

It seems Audioslave had our regular #NotBaconBits connectors a bit stumped this time so here's something to bump the chain on/back a bit from @OmandOriginal.

Audioslave was a supergroup headed up by Chris Cornell, with Rage Against the Machine members Tom Morello (lead guitar), Tim Commerford (bass/backing vocals), and Brad Wilk (drums). The RATM guys were in another supergroup called The Prophets of Rage (with Chuck D of Public Enemy and B-Real of Cypress Hill.) And, as we all know, the sign said "The words of the Prophets are written on the subway walls, in tenements halls" and whispered in the sound of silence.

Since we've already done the whole Simon and Garfunkel thing this run, here's the stunning cover version from Disturbed, from the album Immortalized.

Now it's your turn, FOR THE FINAL TIME THIS RUN. What song would you choose to be the next track in our #NotBaconBits chain? Something about the band? The album? [Just silence? - Ed]  Let us know and we may play your connection suggestion tomorrow.

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