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CCTVYLLE are proud to announce their exciting new project CHIMERA is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Have a look at some of the beautiful artwork...

Press Release

This hardback art book showcases a leap forward in organic technology - advanced animal/machine hybrids. A 60 page beautifully illustrated bestiary, CHIMERA is an introduction to the function and backstory of each hybrid.

With functions ranging from surveillance to military duty and medical aid, each digitally painted image includes a detailed analysis of the biology and technical development behind this sophisticated fusion of beast and machine. CHIMERA is told from the unique perspective of SATYR - the artificial intelligence that oversees this very possible future world. SATYR sees itself as a benevolent parent figure - safeguarding mankind and working for and with humans for a better and more efficient society.

CHIMERA is the culmination of work on remote surveillance that CCTVYLLE founder Gianluca Bonomo started with his comics series CCTVYLLE. Whereas CCTVYLLE was a modern day parable of what was to come - CHIMERA is Gianluca’s vision of a fully realised future for humanity. Joining Luca in developing the backstory of this future and its creations, is writer Matthew Hardy, whose work has appeared in publications from Heavy Metal Magazine, Markosia and Mad Robot Comics. Matthew brings his comic book background and world building expertise to the project.

With breathtaking art from Gianluca Bonomo with the assistance of Alessio Schibuola and Vittorio Garofoli, these hybrids will enthral and terrify you in equal measure - whilst raising questions about the developing nature of AI, technological surveillance and animal body augmentation.

Have a look at some of the artwork:

Firefly - monitoring the human resistance.

Spider-Crow - designed to record and trigger the biological course of the fight or flight response.

Bat-Mole - designed to reach and penetrate superhard materials used in the construction of reinforced/locked structures.

Dragon Fly - Winged design, fast moving nature and large bulbous eyes - makes them visually appealing to young children.

So what do you get for your crowdfunding investment? As well as pre-ordering the artbook itself in both digital and hard copy format at a bargain price, you can pick up stickers, signed prints and even a t-shirt of the gorgeous artwork. You can also get your hands on the original CCTVYLLE graphic novel and beautiful signed prints from it too. And, if you're really quick off the mark, you can have the chance to work directly with the creative team and design your own Chimera!

The book will be available to pre-order on Kickstarter until 28th February. Watch the video below to learn some more about the world of Chimera then support the crowdfunder here:

Images - courtesy Gianluca Bonomo

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