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"Agaton!!" Sweden's answer to Hercule Poirot returns to page and screen, thanks to Barnaby Eaton-Jones and AUK...

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If you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll have most likely heard of AGATON SAX. This classic series of books starring Sweden’s most famous detective, by Nils-Olof Franzén, is finally back in print again (and on audio and in animation!) - inviting not only his original legion of fans but a whole new generation to join him on his crime-fighting adventures!

Agaton Sax became one of the most popular characters in children’s literature, with ten of the eleven titles being translated into quirky English language versions. These original translations were illustrated by legendary artist Sir Quentin Blake, perhaps best known for his collaborations with Roald Dahl.

For years fans have been clamouring for their hero to return… and finally in 2022 he is back!

Publishing all-new versions of the books under its Oak Tree imprint, Andrews UK (AUK) is proud to announce the return of Agaton Sax, his faithful dog Tickie, his friend from Scotland Yard Inspector Joshua Lispington as well as assistance from the likes of Aunt Matilda and Agaton’s ‘futuristic’ computer Clever Dick!

These are new adaptions by Kenton Hall (‘Getting Better’, Audible), who retains the spirit of the originals and brings them alive again, with new colour illustrations by artist Mike Bryson (‘Billy Plonka and the Grot Laboratory’, Ventorros Press).

Range Editor, Barnaby Eaton-Jones, says: “It was really important to choose a writer who had that same quirky humour as the original translations, and who could still tap into a child-like view of the world. Kenton’s perfect style gives us something new and yet comfortingly familiar. Similarly, with the illustrations, we did approach Sir Quentin Blake who agreed we could re-use his familiar images but, sadly, the original images didn’t reside in his archive, and we decided to employ Mike Bryson instead – who gave us something that was cross between Blake’s style and the look that the original European illustrators/animators used for Agaton Sax beyond the UK.”

But that’s not the whole story.

In addition to the ten books previously released as English translations, AUK is also publishing the infamous ‘missing’ eleventh book, only previously ever available in its original Swedish – effectively meaning there’s a BRAND-NEW Agaton Sax adventure for English-speaking fans across the world!

With these all-new translations and illustrations, the books are being made available in multiple formats and on a huge variety of platforms including as eBooks, paperbacks, collector’s edition full-colour hardbacks and – also for the very first time – as audiobooks (narrated by Barnaby Eaton-Jones). Fans will also be able to buy additional material such as colouring books for children, a trivia guide, and even the audio soundtrack by Abigail Fox as a digital download.

As if this wasn’t enough for fans, AUK is also distributing (initially through Amazon Prime video) a digitally remastered version of the animated full-length feature film. With a brand-new English-speaking voice cast and soundtrack, ‘Agaton Sax och Byköpings gästabud’ has now become Agaton Sax: The Movie! For fans of old, Kenneth Williams voice was a looming presence on BBC’s seminal storytelling programme Jackanory, where he performed three of the books, and also on the original version of the film (shown in three 25-minute episodes on BBC 1). It seemed like a glorious homage to have noted voice artist Wink Taylor (‘The Sooty Show’, ‘Basil Brush’, ‘Theo the Mouse’ etc) become Kenneth Williams for the narration of the animated movie, alongside his other voices and fellow voice actors Julie-Ann Dean and Barnaby Eaton-Jones.

With the print and eBook versions available from all good online retailers, audiobook versions from major audio sales and streaming sites and the feature film initially available to purchase on Amazon Prime in the UK and USA, Agaton Sax is once more ready to fight crime!

Paul Andrews, CEO of AUK, said: “I grew up with Agaton Sax and loved borrowing the original books at my local library and remember watching the incredible talent that was Kenneth Williams bring the stories to life on BBC’s Jackanory. It has taken me several years to track down the rights and to make this ‘relaunch’ happen, but with the help of the amazing AUK family of creatives we have managed to bring Sweden’s best detective back for my grandchildren and a whole new generation to enjoy.”

Details of each title and its contributors will be released as they become live on the various platforms, but the first three titles are already available as eBooks, paperbacks, collector’s edition hardbacks and audiobooks:

Agaton Sax and the Criminal Doubles

 Agaton Sax and the League of Silent Exploders

Agaton Sax and the Scotland Yard Mystery 

Agaton Sax: The Movie on Amazon Prime

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