SotD82 - Part 2

Inspired by our series of articles looking back at music released 30 years ago, Jimmy Hunter takes a step further back in time to give us some more Songs of the Day from 40 years back, SotD82...

If this had been published on its original scheduled date [you mean if you’d got off your lazy arse and got it to us on time – Ed] it would have coincided with the announcement of the death of group’s lead singer. So, having gone back and tweaked it, this is a tribute to the larger than life Meatloaf. Dead Ringer For Love isn’t one of my favourites but you can’t ignore it when you hear it on the wireless. And I suppose we’ll never know what he wouldn’t do (yes yes yes, different song, I KNOW!!). RIP Mr Loaf.

I remember being constantly irritated by Men At Work’s single, Down Under and I’ve never been able to figure out why. Well, let’s be honest, until I started putting this list together, I probably never gave it a thought for the best part of 40 years. But you can’t ignore its longevity (no matter how hard you try) and it was a massive hit. A massive massive hit – in fact the group held the nr.1 spot in both singles and album charts (with Business As Usual) simultaneously in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. So, it’s included here. [with a very interesting comparison to the Kookaburra song here too - Ed]

The last time I featured a record by XTC (it’s here) I was less than enthusiastic [Putting it mildly – Ed]. Whilst I find this record – Senses Working Overtime – less “poppy” I also find it to be much better. Much. It’s a kind of reflection on how overloaded our brains and senses were [We really had no idea, did we? – Ed]. It strikes a difference between good and evil, innocent and guilty. It also proved to be their most commercially successful single, a lead single from their most commercially successful album, English Settlement.

Finally this week, and riding the wave of success generated by Dare, The Human League took a (well judged) punt and rereleased Being Boiled from the excellent album Travelogue from two years before. It’s certainly a great track but I wonder why they rereleased this and not Empire State Human from 1979. If I ever read why they did, then I’ve forgotten. But given how lovely you all are, you can have both this week. And an extended original white label version. Call it an early birthday present. You’re welcome.

1980 version:

1982 version: 

Bonus White Label version: 

and Empire State Human [because you're worth it - Ed]

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