Documentary - Lincoln's Dilemma

Apple TV+ has released the trailer for the new four-part documentary series Lincoln’s Dilemma, which promises to be a 21st-century examination of a complicated man in the context of his times...

Press Release

With never-before-heard stories about Lincoln, as well as close-up perspectives of him as a man, the docuseries shines a light on a side of Lincoln rarely seen — and provides a fresh perspective on a story that feels more timely and relevant than ever when explored alongside the events that Americans are living through today. Narrated by Jeffrey Wright, and featuring the voices of Bill Camp as Abraham Lincoln and Leslie Odom Jr. as Frederick Douglass, all four parts of Lincoln’s Dilemma will premiere globally on Friday, February 18 on Apple TV+.

Based on acclaimed historian David S. Reynolds’ award-winning book, Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times, the series features insights from a diverse range of journalists, educators and Lincoln scholars, as well as rare archival materials that offer a more nuanced look into the man dubbed the Great Emancipator. Set against the background of the Civil War, Lincoln’s Dilemma also gives voice to the narratives of enslaved people, shaping a more complete view of an America divided over issues including economy, race and humanity, and underscoring Lincoln’s battle to save the country, no matter the cost.

Image - Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Bill Camp) and Frederick Douglass (voiced by Leslie Odom Jr.) 
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