Documentary - Meltdown: Three Mile Island

Coming to Netflix on 4th May, watch the trailer for the documentary series Meltdown: Three Mile Island...

Press Release

From the acclaimed producers of Erin Brockovich and Academy Award-nominated® director Kief Davidson (The Ivory Game) comes a gripping four-part documentary series that tells the story of ordinary people having the courage to do extraordinary things.

Meltdown tackles the near catastrophe at Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania through the lens of chief engineer and whistleblower, Richard Parks, as well as the community it impacted. Dramatic reenactments, archival footage, never-before-seen home video, and in-depth interviews bring viewers into the worst nuclear incident in U.S. history.

Director and Executive Producer Kief Davidson said, "The moment I met Rick Parks, I knew we had an extraordinary, untold account of the events both inside the control room in 1979 and in the aftermath of the Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. I was inspired by this unfiltered, unsung hero, who generously entrusted us with his story, which took us on a path filled with secrets and lies, buried for decades.

"Constructed like a fast-paced thriller with a ticking clock, we chose to tell the story in real time, over five tense days in 1979, when the country was faced with the prospect of its first nuclear disaster. Through a creative process that included an extensive investigation, we set out to discover what really happened behind the scenes in the early days of the accident and whether life-threatening information was manipulated and covered up by powerful forces. In the second half of the series, we fast forward three years after the accident with the ticking timer reset. During the clean-up operation, Rick, with the help of other whistleblowers and activists, had only several days to prevent a worse catastrophic event that would have made parts of the U.S. Eastern seaboard uninhabitable.

"I believe the lessons of Meltdown resonate far beyond the events of 1979. Even as we expose the complex web of corporate greed which nearly led to our radioactive ruin, we find the small acts of bravery that changed the course of history. We need to learn from the Three Mile Island disaster as we face the current climate and energy crisis."

Meltdown: Three Mile Island is a Moxie Pictures (Wormwood) and MAS Production. Executive producers are Carla Shamberg, Michael Shamberg, Kief Davidson, Robert Fernandez, and Dan Levinson.

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