It promises to be "A comic about cyborgs, soldiers, robots and mercenaries in a grand finale" as Gustaffo Vargas' epic ALTIPLANO saga reaches a conclusion with the release of PILCUYO...

Press Release

Discover a place where robotics and bio-technology are accessible to many, where corrupt governments and crime organisations clash constantly in disputes over power. Welcome to the world of Peruvian Cyberpunk!

PILCUYO, Altiplano Vol 3 is a Peruvian Cyberpunk comic created by Gustaffo Vargas. It is the third and last volume, where the story of the ALTIPLANO saga reaches a conclusion.

MANU, the first volume, was released in 2019 and PUNO, the second volume, was released in 2020 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. [Read Susan's review of PUNO here - Ed]. Earlier standalone Peruvian Cyberpunk titles TRUJILLO (released in 2017) and L1MA (2018) also take place in the same universe.

Volume 3, PILCUYO had a successful campaign through Kickstarter, ending in November 2021 and has already been sent out to Kickstarter backers. It is now available to be bought in digital format, along with all the other Peruvian Cyberpunk comics, and physical copies can also be pre-ordered and they are due to be sent out later in the year.

About the Author

Gustaffo Vargas is a Peruvian comic book artist and writer based in Edinburgh. Since 2017 he has been self-publishing his Peruvian Cyberpunk comics where he explores Pre-Columbian culture and South American societies, artificial Intelligence and cybernetics in dystopian worlds. MANU won the 2019 Best UK Independent Comic of the Year award.

Vargas is a member of the SkrealLordz. He has also worked with Dan Abnett as lead artist and character design artist for Seasons 1& of the science fiction comic CRAYTA by Unit 2 Games, he's made illustration work for Heavy Rotation by Shelly Bond and Time Before Time: Process Edition by Declan Shalvey.

Working with UK independent publishers such as Accent UK, Mad Robot Comics, Cabal Comics, Sassafras Press, Burnt Barn, MADIUS, Future Quake Press and Time Bomb Comics, Vargas has also participated in several Comic Anthologies in the UK. In Peru he has published work with Carboncito and In Planet Stereo magazine.

PILCUYO is a 52 page, A5 size (14.8 x 21cm / 5.8 x 8.3 inch) full colour comic book. The digital comic is available for £3.50 at:

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