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ITV and ITV Hub will mark 25 years of Midsomer Murders with a landmark documentary on Sunday which celebrates one of Britain’s best loved and most enduring crime dramas...

Press Release

Midsomer Murders - 25 Years of Mayhem will shine a light on the fictional English county of Midsomer, looking at the numerous mysterious crimes and murders to befall it, as well as paying tribute to the exceptional on and off screen talent who have played pivotal roles in keeping millions of viewers glued to their screens since 1997.

The show will feature an array of cast both new and old, including Neil Dudgeon (DCI John Barnaby, 2010-2022), John Nettles (DCI Tom Barnaby, 1997-2011 [and yes that's him in the picture above - Ed]), Nick Hendrix (Detective Sergeant Jamie Winter, 2016-2022), Annette Badland (Dr Fleur Perkins, Pathologist, 2018-2022), Daniel Casey (DS Gavin Troy, 1997-2003), Jason Hughes (DS Ben Jones, 2005-2013), Jane Wymark (Joyce Barnaby, 1997-2011), Jeff Povey (Writer, 2016-2022), Ian Strachan (Producer, 1999-2022), Tamzin Outhwaite (Guest Star ‘The Lions of Causton’, 2018), Manjinder Virk (Dr Kam Karimore, Pathologist 2016-2017) and Fiona Dolman (Sarah Barnaby, 2011-2022).

The documentary will take viewers behind the scenes of the filming of Series 23, as well as taking a trip down memory lane with a Midsomer coach tour looking back at some of the show’s iconic locations, paying homage to the beautiful but equally deadly English countryside which has played such a huge part in the success of the series.

Famed for its unpredictable plots, inimitable characters and darkly humorous moments, Midsomer Murders has remained a quintessentially British mainstay that transcends British television, loved by legions of loyal viewers across the globe and broadcast internationally in over 200 countries and territories.

Transporting viewers right back to its early beginnings, the documentary will tell the story of how the series came to life off the page of Caroline Graham’s Chief Inspector Barnaby books, kick starting with the first episode – The Killings At Badger’s Drift – and the death of Emily Simpson.

Further exploring this popularity within wider TV culture, the show also takes a look at the early appearances from future A-list actors such as Orlando Bloom and Henry Cavil.

Midsomer Murders – 25 Years of Mayhem - is a Wise Owl Films production for ITV, produced and directed by Stephen McGinn and executive produced by Mark Robinson, who said “So much has changed on British television in the last 25 years – but Midsomer Murders has remained a constant throughout. It’s testament to the high regard the viewers have for this series - a television institution with enduring appeal and a loyal fan base who love its eccentric take on the classic whodunnit. It’s been a privilege to hear about its journey from those who have brought it to our screens”.

Midsomer Murders: 25 Years of Mayhem is on ITV on Sunday 29th May from 7pm til 8pm

Image & info - ITV

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