Film - Special Delivery

Coming to Digital next month thanks to Signature Entertainment, watch the trailer for the high-octane action adventure Special Delivery starring So-dam Park... 

[After all, every Special Delivery needs a Signature doesn't it? - Ed]

Press Release

A junkyard worker moonlights as a courier by night to make ends meet. As part of her night job she often finds herself trusted with the most unusual delivery requests. One night, a delivery takes a dark turn into the criminal underworld. Now embroiled in a web of corruption, she winds up in a race against time which will determine whether she lives or dies. 

Special Delivery also stars Hyun-jun Jung (Parasite), Yeom Hye-ran (Memories of Murder), and is written and directed by Dae-min Park (Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River).

Signature Entertainment presents Special Delivery on Digital Platforms 22nd August

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