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Edinburgh International Film Festival has announced the programme for its fully in-person 75th Anniversary edition this year. Here's five feature films to look out for...

Running from 12th to 20th August, the dynamic programme of cinema screenings, live performance and industry dialogues in Edinburgh in the heart of the August festival season includes 87 new features, 12 short film programmes, and two large scale retrospectives ( one for the legendary Japanese cinema director and performer Kinuyo Tanaka and the other called Reframing the Gaze: Experiments in Women’s Filmmaking, 1972 to Now) that celebrate the 2022 Theme of the 50th Anniversary of the Women’s Film Festival in new Creative Director Kristy Matheson’s inaugural edition.

There are also three Gala presentations, with Armağan Ballantyne’s critically acclaimed gibberish comedy Nude Tuesday as the inaugural Central Gala, alongside the Opening Gala of Aftersun and the Closing Gala film After Yang. Couple these with the ever popular Film Fest In The City outdoor screenings, The Powell & Pressburger Award for Best Feature Film and, as always, multiple themed strands and there will be something for everyone in among the buzz of Edinburgh at Festival time.

Here are five feature films to look out for [in our humble opinion - Ed [also check out our twin site at AlbieMedia tomorrow for a list of music related films to keep an eye out for too -Ed]


Part of the Heartbreakers Strand

Office worker Manik lives with his ailing father but spends more time tending to plants, pet insects and the house lizard. When his dad dies, our lonely protagonist is given notice of eviction. His luck changes when a cloud starts following him, leading to a surreal infatuation. Graced with gorgeous monochrome cinematography of bustling city Kolkata in a serene new light, this is the first feature by 30-year-old Abhinandan Banerjee, a teenage magazine editor turned charmingly original filmmaker. 


Part of the The Powell & Pressburger Award for Best Feature Film Strand

In 1941, music-loving sisters Thomasina and Martha Hanbury build a machine called LOLA, which can intercept radio and TV broadcasts from the future. Initially using it to become the first fans of David Bowie, as WWII escalates the siblings deploy their precognition contraption in the military intelligence fight against the Nazis. Cleverly constructed using distressed B&W film stock, this playful first feature mixes fake celluloid newsreels with genuine archive, plus sardonic synth-pop songs by The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon. 


Part of the Night Moves Strand

A workaholic sound designer feels her brain slip out of rhythm, hearing everything slightly off beat, rendering her unable to do her job and isolating her even further from her family, colleagues and lingering ex. Increasingly disconnected from the world around her, the desynchronisation of her life is unsettling and eerie as she struggles to put things back on track. Out of Sync pulls out all the tricks to create an experiential portrait of a woman on the edge.


Part of the Postcards From The Edge Strand

A trio of activists hold a town hall meeting to question how artificial intelligence will impact our futures, but as the meeting descends into power plays their mission to save the world is derailed. Back to Back Theatre is a theatre company with an ensemble of actors with disabilities at its core. In this provocative adaptation of their multi-award-winning play, they have crafted a filmic work that questions if it is technology or human prejudice that puts our future at risk.

Part of the The Chamber Strand

When three homeless friends win the lottery, they assume their lives are going to change drastically for the better. But claiming the money turns out to be more of a problem than a solution. In this delightful French dramedy anchored by the earnest friendship between men who the rest of the society had abandoned, the absurdity and fragility of our social system is made fun of mercilessly without the film ever losing its heart.

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