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A trio of gripping audiobooks based on Terry Nation’s BBC sci-fi classic are being published as collectible hardback novels to mark ten years of Blake’s 7 at Big Finish Productions...

Press Release

Since 2012, Big Finish has continued the Liberator crew’s adventures and for the first time in five years, will be releasing traditional print Blake’s 7 books, due for release from October to December 2022.

All tie-in audiobooks from The Worlds of Blake’s 7 range will soon be available as premium hardback books with a stunning full-colour jacket sleeve. Blake’s 7 fans will also be able to buy the captivating stories as eBooks.

In October, The Rule of Death reveals the secret life of a surviving Clone Master. Then Bayban Ascending, set for release in November, explores the backstory of a notorious Blake’s 7 villain. Finally, December’s Zero Point forces the Liberator crew to work with a crime syndicate!

Producer Peter Anghelides said: “For The Worlds of Blake’s 7 audio plays we had a well-received trilogy of trilogies in The Clone Masters, Bayban the Butcher, and The Terra Nostra. Each box set was accompanied by a tie-in audiobook, read by Glynis Barber, Colin Baker, and Stephen Greif.

“We decided that those three books deserved a printed version, so I’m delighted that we’re now able to provide the trilogy in print and eBook formats — something that we haven’t done for a number of years."

The three adventures are:

The Clone Masters: The Rule of Death by Trevor Baxendale

When Orac picks up information about a Clone Master living in secret on an outlying planet, Blake is intrigued.

Then, a message from the freed bond-slave, Rashel, makes visiting the outpost a priority: the Blake Clone is dying. But things are never as straightforward as they seem, and with psycho-strategist Carnell lurking in the shadows, this visit soon becomes a life or death battle for all the Liberator crew…

Bayban the Butcher: Bayban Ascending by Nigel Fairs

My mother… Oh yes, I had a mother. Wonderful woman. Truly evil person. She had a saying. “Babe,” she used to say – she called me Babe. “Babe,” she used to say. “Treat every hour as though it’s your last.”

Son is a diligent menial worker on the planet Calross. He has no idea who his father is. He lives with his mother by the Federation Factory where he works. He has two friends: a computer geek called Vann and a manual worker called Olag Gan. Son is having a secret relationship with Vel, Gan’s woman. She tells him that she is able to channel her psychic gift through a broken piece of necklace that she stole from an ancient burial site on one of the outer worlds.

Holding the broken necklace, Son has a vision that he will achieve greatness. When it comes true, he decides to find its missing parts hiring a grizzled old pilot called Bayban the Butcher to help him.

Note - This novel contains adult material and may not be suitable for younger readers.

The Terra Nostra: Zero Point by Mark B Oliver

During a skirmish with a small patrol of Federation pursuit ships, Orac is badly damaged. There is only one person who can repair the super-computer: Federation Doctor Brynn Pellas. Avon and Tarrant take Orac to her base, unaware that the planet she lives on is now under the control of the Terra Nostra – and Pellas is in the crime syndicate's back pocket.

Pellas can repair Orac – but first, the Liberator crew must steal a secret Federation weapon for the Terra Nostra. Codename: Zero Point.

Each title can be pre-ordered for just £16.99 (hardback printed book) or £12.99 (eBook) per title, exclusively from The trilogy can also be pre-ordered together in a bundle for just £45 (hardback printed books) or £36 (eBooks).

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