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BBC Film and BFI have announced a new season of British films, beginning on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer this Sunday 23rd October with Aleem Khan’s Bafta Award-winning After Love...

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British Film Premiere presents a brand new premiere every Sunday night on BBC Two, celebrating a wave British filmmakers who are offering fresh perspectives on UK life and experiences. Each film will be available on BBC iPlayer after its transmission on BBC Two, and most will also be available on BFI Player.

These are films made for and played in cinemas. To celebrate that, each one has a short introduction from a UK cinema programmer who has championed and played the film for their audiences.

Each of the seven feature films premiering in the British Film Premiere season has been critically acclaimed and premiered at top-tier international film festivals, with many nominated for or winning major awards. The seven films were all developed and produced with the support of BBC Film, and each film will be followed by the premiere of a short film to showcase work from filmmakers who are on the path to creating their first features. The BFI has also supported many of the features and short films, whether through awarding National Lottery funding or via its distribution arm or film festivals.

The aim of the British Film Premiere season is to complement theatrical release strategies, supporting the UK’s independent filmmakers and creating a national platform for exciting new cinematic voices on the BBC.

Eva Yates, Director of BBC Film, said, “This is an extraordinary collection of films showcasing the talents of a vital wave of British filmmakers who have something to say, and we can’t wait for BBC audiences to fall in love with films they may not otherwise have seen. It’s been a pleasure to work with colleagues at the BBC and BFI to bring this collection to UK audiences.”

Jason Wood, Director of Public Programme & Audiences, added, “This programme not only showcases a fantastic selection of films, but is also an indication of the wonderful talent we have in the UK.

"We are proud to work alongside BBC Film to co-fund many of these titles thanks to National Lottery funding, and also to partner with them on British Film Premiere as a way to bring these titles to new audiences, and celebrate British filmmaking and creativity.”


The feature films in the season are:

After Love, written and directed by Aleem Khan, introduced by Isra Al Kassi of T A P E CollectiveHis House, written and directed by Remi Weekes, introduced by Mathieu Ajan of Bounce Cinema

Sweetheart, written and directed by Marley Morrison, introduced by Allison Gardner of Glasgow Film

Here Before, written and directed by Stacey Gregg, introduced by Michelle Devlin of Belfast Film Festival

Surge, written and directed by Aneil Karia, introduced by Nia Childs, freelance curator and programmer

Mogul Mowgli, directed by Bassam Tariq, co-written by Bassam Tariq and Riz Ahmed, introduced by David Kapur of Massive Cinema

Cow, directed by Andrea Arnold, introduced by Melanie Iredale of Birds Eye View

The short films premiering in the season are:

For Love, written and directed by Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor (following After Love)

Lizard, directed by Akinola Davis, written by Akinola Davies and Wale Davies (following His House)

Bulldozer, written and directed by Stella Scott (following Sweetheart)

Know The Grass, written and directed by Sophie Littman (following Here Before)

Precious Hair And Beauty, written and directed by John Ogunmuyiwa (following Surge)

Expensive Shit (short), written and directed by Adura Onashile (following MOGUL MOWGLI)

2003, written and directed by Harris Dickinson (following Cow)

British Film Premiere: New Films from New Voices starts on BBC Two on Sunday 23rd October and will run weekly until early-December.
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