SotD - St Andrew's Day

To celebrate St Andrew's Day, we let Susan Omand out of the archives [the door was just stuck, honest - Ed] to pick ten tunes by Scottish bands ...

Ahhhh, Scotland. Our national flower is out to stab you, our national animal is imaginary and our patron saint did not ever set foot upon these shores, never mind doing it at the hind end of November. But what we can do well [amongst loads of other things - Ed] is music. From lifting our hearts to lifting our feet, Scotland is bloody brilliant at raising a good tune.

Here then, for St Andrew's Day are ten choices for songs by Scottish artists to get you dancin' [you askin'? -Ed] and keep out the winter chill. Yes there are a few stormers missing [which I'm sure you'll tell us all about in the comments - Ed] and that's not because they are bad, it's just because, well, because the Ed only allowed me ten this time [Oi! You'll get none next time if you keep up that carry on - Ed]

So, anyway, since it's me [oh, gods - Ed] let's start [oh please no! - Ed] with THE BAY CITY ROLLERS!!!! [AAAAAAARGH - Ed]

It also wouldn't be a list from me of Scottish bands without the glorious Skids and the much missed Stuart Adamson with the best guitar intro ever. 

Deacon Blue is one of those bands that, to be honest, I was a bit meh about back in the day [WHAT?! - Ed] but then I saw them live and the gig was amazing!

Here's one you may have forgotten about because the Bluebells were a bit of a one hit wonder [three, actually - Ed] back in the day and the video always brings back memories of a certain summer holiday.

Since Claire Grogan appeared in that Bluebells video, it's only fair that we give her her own song on the list too.

Love and Money is another band that may have passed you by back in the day. I only knew about them because my college room mate was a lass from Bishopbriggs and she listened to every Glasgow band going.

I was listening to the Fratellis before I ever watched the Goonies [as unfavourably reviewed here - Ed] so I didn't realise that's where they got their name from. I thought it was something to do with an ice-cream shop or a chippie ...

Another F and it's Franz Ferdinand with one of the best tempo changes in recent times - it makes it a bugger to dance to but it's so worth it.

Penultimate track and, yes, people will argue that the Eurythmics aren't really a Scottish band. Well, tough, I say they are. And any excuse to dance to an Annie Lennox vocal track is fine by me. 

It's the last song. The end of the night. I was tempted to go with Runrig's Loch Lomond [because tradition - Ed] but I've been trying to keep away from the "traditional" Scottish music. Instead then, wipe the tears from your eyes, find your pals*, raise your hearts and your glasses and sing along to Dougie Maclean's Caledonia. 

Happy St Andrew's Day. 

* just for info - the "pals" of Dougie Maclean on this song were Barbara Dickson, Rab Noakes, Martha Wainwright, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Eddi Reader, Ralph McTell, Karine Polwart, Kris Drever, Dick Gaughan, Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain, Steve Knightley, Ross Ainslie, John McCusker, Emily Smith, Jon Boden, Jim Moray, Heidi Talbot, Blair Dunlop, Chris While and Emily Portman.

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