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With the series premiering on Netflix early next year, watch the trailer for Copenhagen Cowboy...

Press Release

Copenhagen Cowboy is a thrill-inducing, neon-drenched noir series set across six episodes which follows enigmatic young heroine, Miu. After a lifetime of servitude and on the verge of a new beginning, she traverses the ominous landscape of Copenhagen’s criminal netherworld. Searching for justice and enacting vengeance, she encounters her nemesis, Rakel, as they embark on an odyssey through the natural and the supernatural. The past ultimately transforms and defines their future, as the two women discover they are not alone, they are many.

Created & directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, the series stars Angela Bundalovic (Miu), Lola Corfixen (Rakel), Zlatko Buric (Miroslav), Andreas Lykke Jørgensen (Nicklas), Jason Hendil-Forssell (Chiang), LiIi Zhang (Mother Hulda) and Dragana Milutinovic (Rosella).

Watch Copenhagen Cowboy on Netflix from 5th January - 

Image - Photo Credit: Magnus Nordenhof Jønk and Christian Geisnæs

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