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Apple TV+ has announced a new Apple Original podcast, Operation: Tradebom, with the first two episodes of the new nine-part series releasing next Monday, January 9th. Listen to the trailer ...

Press Release

Hosted by Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winning producer, director and screenwriter Marc Smerling (The Jinx, Capturing the Friedmans, and podcasts Crimetown, Crooked City), Operation: Tradebom tracks the arrival of terrorism to American shores, through the voices of those who watched it happen firsthand — from Cairo in 1981 to downtown New York City on 9/11.

Eight years before 9/11, investigators in New York’s Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), a ragtag team of FBI paper pushers and NYPD detectives, found themselves conducting a new type of international investigation, which they called Operation Tradebom. A group of men set off a bomb in the garage beneath the World Trade Center intending the North tower to fall into the South tower. At the time, it was the largest improvised explosive device ever detonated on American soil, leaving behind a 100-foot crater five stories deep. The explosion killed six people and injured thousands. But the story has been overshadowed by what came next: 9/11, two Gulf Wars and an endless war in Afghanistan.

Operation: Tradebom tracks the hunt for the mastermind behind the bombing as members of the JTTF come to a frightening realization: what they were dealing with was much larger than anyone understood, born from long-standing tensions over the U.S. exodus from Afghanistan and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians in the Middle East. Operation: Tradebom reveals larger players at work and global tensions which stymied attempts to prevent future disaster.

New podcast episodes will debut weekly, beginning Monday, January 9th with the first two episodes, on Apple Podcasts and via RSS at apple.co/operation-tradebom.

Operation: Tradebom is an Apple Original podcast produced by Truth Media in partnership with Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Executive producers are Marc Smerling and Jon Liebman.

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