Meadowsong - LOST

Say hello to Meadowsong. Then say goodbye.

The new single from Portland band Meadowsong is called Lost. "New single" is generous though as this is the band's first and final album together. As one member of the band passes on (don't worry, just moving), and a band is laid to rest, another will feast on the corpse, rising again in the light of a full moon. And hey! At least the corpse dropped some loot - MEADOWSONG EP.

In their words:

Meadowsong is a new blackened mathcore band from Portland, Maine. In the spirit of Botch, Liturgy and Portrayal Of Guilt, we use abnormal time signatures, song structures, and harmonic ideas to create a tense and visceral musical world.

I am in my forties now and although I won't be attending scream shows anymore I sure as hell am happy to know that there are people out there still willing to put their vocal chords through a paper-shredder for the sake of music, expression, art, friendship, connection, all the stuff We the Ancients reminisce over. Basement shows on soggy carpet in the suburbs, shows in the back half of a cluttered record store, unintelligible lyrics, and the music lovers hangover: two day tinnitus. Worth it every time.

If you're in the Portland, MAINE area (not to be confused with the other Portland - which I did in an earlier version of this post), or if you feel like a quick trip to the Pacific Northwest (see?), Meadowsong will be playing a farewell show Thursday night with some pals. In M A I N E. Not in the Land of 1000 Armizens.

Check out the song, say hi to the band, bid aloha since the kids are coming and going, but hurry up, for time is of the Evanescence!

All that is lost / you can't take it / and when it's gone / you can't find it / hiding away / in the shadows / live for today / no more running

Unless you're running to check out these DCMG Certified RebelsTM of course. If you pick up a physical copy of the album, they send you a burned CD to slide into your CaseLogic - with the name of the band written in Sharpie! "Hand made and pretty badly by Tomis" says their Bandcamp page. Old school cool never misses with us here @tDC. Keep rockin' kids, wherever the hell you actually live.

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