Podcast - And Why Not?: The Thomas Crown Affair

This week on And Why Not? Stuart Mulrain chats with graphic designer and artist Sean Longmore about Piece Brosnan's fourth Bond film, The Thomas Crown Affair. 
It's actually his best performance as Bond because he plays undercover as Thomas Crown for the entire film! Brilliant! The gentleman wax on about their first times seeing the film and "sexy cinema" of the 90s, and Sean makes a great point about where the Hollywood recycling machine gets it wrong.

"This is the perfect Hollywood remake. The original I find is ok. This is what a remake should be, is taking something that once was just kind of ok and then making a great version of it instead of remaking stuff that was already good." The guy makes great points like he makes great art. (Check out his incredible Barbenheimer poster!)

I remember watching The Thomas Crown Affair one Friday night along with my mother. She was always a Brosnan fan and she thought Renee Russo was beautiful and classy. She has good taste. I enjoyed the film, but not so much the part of the film where Russo and Brosnan rub each other moist on the dance floor. Although, that wasn't as awkward to watch with my mother as was the sex scene in Jerry Maguire where Kelly Preston bounces up and down on Tom's Cruise Missile. You know that scene. We all know that scene, as well as that delightful dance scene from Thomas Crown. I saw both with my mother and each time I reverted my third-eye inward into another dimension until my torture was over. But you already know I watched that VHS tape a few more times, late at night, before we returned it to the video store at the end of the weekend.

In which Stuart & Sean investigate an art heist...

To celebrate the new edition from 88 Films, Stuart is joined by artist Sean Longmore to discuss the 1999 Pierce Brosnan led remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. As well as the film, we talk about Sean's work creating the new sleeve art for the new blu-ray release too.



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