TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 20


Oliver Queen travels back to Nanda Parbat so Steve Taylor-Bryant goes with him in The Fallen…

“I am Al Sah-Him Warith Al Ghul, heir to the Demon, and you will obey!”

Thea is clinging for life when Oliver gets to her and whilst she is still technically alive the doctors intimate to Oliver that he should seriously consider turning off her life support machine. Malcolm is distraught and Oliver confides in Felicity and Diggle that Ra's has won. During a meeting with Maseo an offer is made to Oliver. If he succeeds Ra's then then the evil one will use his mystical waters in Nanda Parbat to save Thea. Oliver agrees and against Malcolm's advice starts to plan. Ray finally realises that Felicity still loves Oliver but despite his sadness agrees to help and loans Diggle, Felicity, Malcolm and Oliver his private jet so they can rush Thea to Nanda Parbat.

When they arrive a ceremony involving the entire League of assassins occurs in which the stricken Thea is lowered into the waters only to leap out like a girl possessed after the life giving effects take hold. Thea is finally sedated and Ra's tells Oliver to start his preparations and say his goodbyes, which eventually leads to Felicity and a bout of love making. Felicity follows up the physical with a plan to get Oliver home which involves drugging him and doing a runner with Diggle, Malcolm and Maseo's help. Oliver comes round in time to stop his friends being killed and gets off Nanda Parbat whilst he remains behind to start the process of change. Thea finally awakens all confused and Malcolm tries to explain the events to her whilst a distraught Felicity has to explain to Laurel that Oliver isn't coming home.

This was one of the events of the season so far and I was really glad it paid off my expectations and then some. Oliver and Felicity finally stopped dancing around their feelings making the sacrifice Oliver is making all the more meaningful and Maseo finally showed he hadn't abandoned his friend. Bravo team!

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