TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 19


Steve Taylor-Bryant checks back in to the events unfolding in Starling City with Broken Arrow…

“Still nothing. Not a visual sighting or any other reading at all from The Atom. And I say Atom, I mean the suit, not myself in the third person.”

A man with laser beams for eyes is killing security guards as Laurel Lance explains to Captain Lance that the District Attorney won’t be pressing charges on Oliver but are looking to punish Roy as Captain Lance was the only person to apparently hear Oliver’s confession and he has a past with grudges against Queen. Ray Palmer doesn’t believe Roy is the Arrow and questions Felicity about his confession and when Oliver visits Roy he explains that he wants to face prison to make it right for killing some policemen and believes that Starling City needs Oliver. Captain Lance is still not happy but is warned by his superiors to not make the investigation personal and not to pursue Oliver Queen as there is no evidence. Roy gets injured in a prison fight which is upsetting for Thea and Ray gets a good kicking when he tries to take on the meta-human.

Malcolm is still trying to convince Oliver to give in to the pressure being put on him by Ra’s for the good of Starling City, and Oliver is also being told that his plan to break Roy out of prison is also not viable, however after Roy being killed that won’t matter anymore. Except Roy isn’t actually dead. The man who stabbed him was doing a favour and the tip of the knife had a betablocker on it that simulated death. Roy decides that now he is officially dead he should leave the city.

Ray finally, with some input from Oliver, manages to take down Simmons the meta-human after he kidnaps Felicity. The problem is though that although Simmons is jailed it transpires that he wasn’t in Central City when the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion happened leaving everyone wondering how he became a meta-human in the first place. Oh, and Thea gets stabbed by Ra’s.

The writers in Arrow have thus far avoided a real meta-human story, leaving The Flash to handle the superhero elements, but this was subtly done in this episode with Simmons almost becoming a secondary story with Broken Arrow concentrating in the main on the fallout of Roy’s arrest and subsequent faked death and what all this means for the future of Oliver Queen. I quite enjoyed Broken Arrow but was left feeling that it was again more of a filler episode than it needed to be. Surely things will pick up now after the attack on Thea?

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