TV - Arrow Season 3 Episode 18


Steve Taylor-Bryant watches on as Oliver finally may face punishment for his vigilante ways in Public Enemies...

“But you involved me. You spent a year making me look like a fool. You spent a year making me your accomplice. You have any idea what you've done, huh? What you've done to all of us, to the people you claim to care so much about? You've made us criminals! You've made us liars and victims. You, Mr. Queen, are not a hero. You're a villain. But you know that, don't you?”

The Mayor is dead and Ray Palmer is critically injured after the attack on the Mayor’s office with Captain Lance blaming the Arrow despite Laurel insisting he has been framed, Captain Lance is only interested in the Arrow’s true identity with his mood not being helped by his kidnapping at the hands of Ra's. Oliver confronts Nyssa who doesn’t want to betray her father but after a conversation about Sara Nyssa decides to give Oliver the whereabouts of Maseo and the rest of his band of Ra’s Al Ghul’s thugs. Oliver and the team rush to the warehouse to confront Maseo and after a brief fight Ra’s arrives with a deal for Oliver – Succeed him as Head of The League or spend the rest of his life in prison, which could definitely happen as the police helicopters hover above the warehouse. Arrow and the team manage to escape with extra help from Diggle and Nyssa.

Ray has an inoperable blood clot in his brain from the attack. He tries to explain to his doctors about the nanotech he has developed that would save his life but they aren’t willing to experiment with a patient. Felicity is torn, her trust in modern medicine is fighting the idea of nanotech as she doesn’t want to risk Ray’s life but her mother, Donna, thinks that Felicity has to be one to inject the tech into Ray. After much deliberation Felicity does what her mother and Ray thinks is right and injects the tech, which saves Ray’s life.

Oliver Queen is outed on television as the Arrow by Captain Lance as a city wide manhunt begins and all Oliver’s assets are frozen. Eventually Oliver turns himself in to Lance and strikes a deal that sees only him facing jail time and Team Arrow all being granted immunity. In the back of the transport on the way to Prison Lance confronts Oliver about Sara and Tommy and everyone else who has died. The van is attacked by the Arrow, who is Roy pretending to get Oliver released.

What a great little episode. Enough action to please the casual viewer, enough Ra’s storyline to keep the feed running towards the end of the season, Oliver having to face, albeit briefly, punishment for what he’s done, the use of futuristic technology in medicine, and some great character interaction with most of the humour coming from Donna. Possibly a filler episode as more complex storytelling is yet to come but highly watchable as always.

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