TV - The Flash Season 1, Episode 13

The Flash

Steve Taylor Bryant is The Nuclear Man! Okay he’s not but this week’s episode of The Flash is...

“You change one more time and I’m gonna shoot you”

We start with Barry Allen going through the same problems that many young go through (apparently, it’s been a long time for me) what to wear on a first date. Being The Flash though, he can change a stupid speeds which is good for him. The nerves are apparent and his new girl, sports reporter Linda Park, quickly puts him to ease with her love of spicy food. However being The Flash can also be a pain and he has to stop a robbery and a man who wants to jump to death all before dessert.

F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M also plays a huge role tonight as the team are faced with the Ronnie/Dr Stein problem as when he visits a physicist the poor scientist is left in critical condition with bad burns. Barry, Caitlin and Harrison Wells investigate and visit with Dr Stein’s wife, Clarissa, to get some background on the man, soon discovering that Stein in Ronnie’s body has been stalking the house as he seeks to protect his wife, so Wells and Caitlin agree to do a stakeout whilst Barry has a second date with Linda.

Cisco is doing some investigating of his own at the request of Detective West. They arrive at Barry’s old house 15 years after his mother’s murder to look for more evidence that might clear Henry of the crime. When the new homeowner, Divorcee Sherry (I’m like the drink), it appears that not just Barry has nerves when faced with a beautiful woman, and Cisco delights in ribbing West for his schoolboy behaviour. The duo discover an ancient mirror that was present during the murder and Cisco, being the clever boy that he is, manages to build a 3D account of what happened that night from the photographic material on the back of the antique. This leads to a blood sample being found behind the wallpaper and Cisco agrees to test it until West accuses Harrison Wells of foul play, which is upsetting for Cisco to hear. Much to his disgust with himself, Cisco does run the DNA from the blood sample, which clears Wells but puts a future Barry in the mix as its Allen’s blood but with the chemical balance of an older Barry rather than the young child he was when the event occurred.

During a romantic moment that involved clothing being removed, Barry gets a text from Caitlin that Ronnie/Stein has turned up at the house. He apologises badly to Linda and rushes off to confront the meta-human which leads to a fight in the sky and Barry dropping like a stone onto the chasing van containing Wells and Caitlin. Linda is disappointed by Barry’s actions and talks to Iris about it, learning in the process that Barry had been hooked on Iris for years and really didn’t have a girlfriend because of it. Barry confronts Iris accusing her of acting badly and convinces Linda to take him back by eating the world’s hottest chilli pepper.

They eventually convince Ronnie/Stein to come to S.T.A.R. Labs for testing and discover that the mixed Doctors are about to explode in a horrific nuclear explosion. Using a part from his hidden Reverse Flash costume, Wells manages to build a splice device that will separate the two men in theory and we are left wondering as the show ends as the explosion happens.

What a fantastic episode of television. The nerves and actions of Barry around Linda and dating in general remind us that he really is a young man in his twenties with the problems that can bring which we often forget when he’s rushing around being a hero. The storyline surrounding Barry and his mother’s murder is getting quite intriguing now, and it’ll be good to see if Caitlin gets her fiancé back after the explosion.

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