TV - The Flash Season 1, Episode 12

The Flash

Steve Taylor-Bryant continues his mission to watch The Flash with Crazy For You...

"How can you speak six languages and sound like a dick in every one of them?"

A young lady named Shawna Baez pulls up outside Iron Heights Prison, magically teleports inside and escapes with her criminal boyfriend Clay Parker, so starting a series of events that includes karaoke on vodka, a nerd fight and Barry and Caitlin both realise that they have to move on and get a life.

Shawna teleports and takes her boyfriend Clay and they escape to what Shawna hopes will be a life together but Clay still owes his criminal boss, Marcus Stockheimer, quite a bit of money and wants them to be safe, so they must commit a robbery first and pay his dues. Back at the prison, West and Barry are investigating how Clay got out of a locked cell and Barry’s dad is brought by to say a quick hello. Barry has found some particulates and they go to S.T.A.R. Labs to have them analysed by Wells and the team. It is discovered that Shawna not only has the ability to teleport but that her DNA also mixes with those she travels with so Clay himself now has the ability. Henry Allen uses the fact he is inside the prison to help Barry and West investigate where Stockheimer is so they can try and bring down Shawna, now dubbed Peek-A-Boo by Caitlin, and Clay, a deed that gets Henry stabbed and beaten up by one of Stockheimer’s men on the inside.

During their search, and once again rebuffed by Iris, Barry decides to try and find the fugitives by visiting the bars and clubs that Shawna used to frequent. Caitlin, deciding that maybe she should get out more, gets all dressed up and comes with Barry before getting very drunk and forcing Barry into a Greece duet on the karaoke. Whilst at the bar a sports reporter for Iris’ paper, Linda Park, takes a shine to Barry and gives him her number. Barry helps a very drunk Caitlin home and, whilst hungover the next day, Cisco has to open up and be honest with the team. Even though he was told to not bother to search for Ronnie, he has listened to Pied Piper and released him from the cells below S.T.A.R. Labs and discovers that Dr Martin Stein and Ronnie became one during the explosion. Caitlin forgives Cisco but Pied Piper is still on the loose.

Barry, armed with the knowledge that Peek-A-Boo can’t jump unless she can see where she’s going, traps her and Clay in a tunnel, smashing all the lights and eventually capturing her, though Clay eludes escape. Barry as The Flash enlists Iris’ journalistic help in trying to catch Clay and gives her the photo for the front page of her paper that will surely launch her career, he also takes Stockheimer’s thug outside of the prison where the guards think he his escaping and add ten years to his sentence, revenge is sweet for Barry or doesn’t people messing with his dad. Towards the end of the episode Henry discovers that The Flash is Barry via the picture and whilst he doesn’t want to accuse his son he does say that if The Flash was his son he would be very proud, a scene that may have brought a tear to my eye had they not immediately moved on to maintenance men in the tunnel system being taken by Gorrilla Grodd!

This was a great episode. Caitlin came into her own at last and showed she was more than just a stuffy, depressed scientist. Barry had some very touching moments with Henry who got a lot more screen time, which was a joy, and the fight between Cisco and Pied Piper was like something straight out of an argument at Comic Con, keeping the tone of the episode from becoming uncontrollably emotional. The future storyline for Ronnie was nicely set up and the tension is building quite beautifully for the first appearance of Grodd.

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