TV - Arrow Season 3, Episode 21


Steve Taylor-Bryant tries to keep up with the name changes in Al Sah-Him…

“Well, your wishes are no longer my concern from the moment you betrayed me. So you will marry Al Sah-Him. And you will become the bride”

As part of his training to be the new leader of The League of Assassins a drugged up Oliver thinks he's killed Diggle, which obviously he hasn't. Ra's explains to Oliver that all parts of his old life must be eradicated if he is to become the new person and also tells him that their was an heir to his throne who is an evil man behind many naughty events in the guise of Damien Darhk and suggests Oliver disposes of this problem. Nyssa now has no real purpose in life but starts to bond with Laurel and starts her training. She explains to Laurel that a brainwashed Oliver will soon be coming to kill her and Laurel wants to help her new friend and asks Diggle and Felicity for help despite Felicity being convinced that Oliver can't be brainwashed and will be okay. Felicity also explains to Thea that Oliver and The League have arrived in Starling City to kill Nyssa and despite Thea's offer to talk to her brother, Felicity thinks it would be better if she stayed out of the way.

Nyssa and Oliver have a huge fight but Laurel and Diggle intervene before Oliver can kill her much to Nyssa's annoyance as she despises needing help. Maseo and Oliver must plan to get Nyssa again. That plan involves kidnapping Lyla, Diggles wife, who he offers to exchange for Nyssa. Lyla tries to get through to Oliver by reminding him how close he and Diggle are but to no avail. Lyla is eventually freed as promised when Nyssa is handed over although the team start a fight which results in Oliver wounding Diggle. Before Oliver can kill Diggle he has an arrow fired at him by his sister and flees leaving the gang convinced that the Oliver they know has gone for good.

When Ra's tests Oliver by telling him to kill Nyssa and sees he'd be willing to he decides that they shall marry instead and unleash a bio weapon on Starling City instead.

This was superb! There wasn't a weakness in any part of the story. Ra's helping Oliver shed his niceness and seeing the always bloody lovely Stephen Amell playing a nasty side without beating himself up with guilt afterwards was as brilliant as it was refreshing. Bring on world domination for The League (or the two part finale as you call it).

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